Saturday, January 2, 2010

Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle…. a new Life for reclaimed objects

While thinking about the New Year that lies ahead and considering what some of the objectives will be, I also ponder what from the past worked well that might be used again.  There seems to be some things in life that work just as they were, and others enhance when given a new role.

Vintage objects used in diverse ways create interesting ideas that breathes new life for a fresh inventive look.

image image
This stunning butler's Flatware display is by artist Adam Smith.  Made from antique, solid sterling flatware, handmade bronze frame, and antique tintypes, presented in a wood case with magnets on back of pieces.  image







Vintage drawer pulls  from dressers attached to the wall make  perfect ornate hooks for keys and reading glasses. Adding curtain clips works great to attach papers or business cards. 










Old ornate metal heating vents are too pretty not to be repurposed. Hang one on the wall for a great way to display your favorite magazines.



imageThere were so many great recycled items at the Greenhouse Charity Works House in Mclean Virginia. One of those were the lovely recycled glass bottle pendants that were used in the mudroom.   Custom Design Concepts Architecture + Interiors











An old knife caddy is transformed into a pretty stash for bathroom supplies Better Homes and Gardens









 Photographer Jim Westphalen for Country Gardens.
Karin over at Your Cozy Home  fascinated by oil lamps at the flea market found a creative way to use them without having to bother with the oil and lighting them. 



image chest - Copy
Turn of the century spool or tool chests are great ways to store silverware, placemats, coasters, or retrofitted for jewelry. 

image We all have seen them (maybe even owned them), those hideous light fixtures from the 80’s & 90’sthat once hung not so proudly in homes.  Breathe new life into them but transforming them into terrariums.  

May we all find the resources we need to make 2010 a blissful year.


  1. Love this post! You're making me want to flea market shop! Happy New year.

  2. Full of cool ideas. I really enjoy reading your blog. JB

  3. Beautiful images.. love the metal grill magazine rack and the recycled bottle lamps...

  4. Love the turquoise pendants, very cool. Great ideas that I wouldn't have thought of!

  5. I love each and every one of those, especially the key holders.

  6. I love love each of these ideas.... I love reusing things... it bothers me how so many things are disposable.

  7. This is such a wonderful way to decorate - by using objects that have had a past life, often items that were used for a completely different function. When I was at Love Train last week, an antique store that specializes in more commercial type of antiques (like things from old European bakeries, pharmacies, etc) - it really opened my eyes to reusing objects.

    In my post last week on Japanese floats, there were a lot of people who commented that they have a fondness for objects like the floats - that were functional for fisherman, yet also beautiful in a home.

    Great post!