Monday, January 25, 2010

Ceilings: Painted, Papered and Pampered

Go ahead, look up, there it is, the ceiling…….that important component to a room that seems all too often to be neglected, the poor forgotten ceiling.  Ceiling treatments are an element to a room that with a few simple touches, or substantial ones, the room’s overall feel can be impacted in a dramatic way.

When color surrounds you, when it embraces the entire room from top to bottom, it creates a soothing atmosphere especially when done in a calming palette.  Kelley Proxmire of Kelley Interior Design  created this stunning dining room on the Eastern Shore.  The mirror reflects the muted tones and the warmth that the the golden tan ceiling adds to the space. image





Steven Gambrel  at a seaside retreat in an upstairs getaway, applied texture to the ceiling which wraps the room in softening the space and the angles of the room.








image Tracy Morris Designs accents a curved ceiling with a beautiful antiqued treatment adding character and depth to an elegant room. 





Like an empty canvas,  the ceiling  can become a work of art, creating  a striking design feature that finishes a space. 

Suzanne Kasler demonstrates this brilliantly in a foyer with the subtle damask pattern in tones of persimmon and camel wallpaper used on the ceiling.








Bedrooms are  great rooms to consider when treating the ceiling.  For while we are horizontal, we naturally tend to spend a good bit of  time looking up. 

Amanda Nisbet Design  applied a golden geometric pattern which adds a dazzling dimension to this colorful bedroom.







 Camille Saum  creates a soft radiant glow with the warmth from the color on the walls (Orangery by Farrow & Ball) along with the hand-stenciled ceiling and hand-painted squares on the floor. 
  image image image 




Sally Steponkus  & Heather Safferstone collaborated on a vibrant sitting room with a crisp, urban look by using a deep taupe-gray (Farrow & Balls: Mouse Back) walls punched with yellow (Farrow & Ball:Dayroom Yellow) ceiling, and white trim (Farrow &Ball:Wimborne White).  This created for a very striking backdrop for the room. 





Elizabeth Hague Interiors
in this stunning dining room creates a sensuous mood with the restful soft palette and a beautiful choice of color for the ceiling.  One could certainly linger in this room for long periods at a time. 





In this salon, Katie Leede-McGloin creates a glamorous yet intimate space using metallic elements with the silver bowl, curvy sculpture, glittery pillows and gold leaf horse heads.  These help wrap and balance the room along with the metallic painted ceiling treatment.image





I love the bold contrast of the black and white accented with the soft grey blue and muted green tones that Jessica Lagrange Interiors  used in this happy space. 









A bold statement was created by
McGill Design Group from Toronto, Ontario, when they added moldings and painted the ceiling black.   Design Sponge featured a dramatic before and after of this dining room.







Barclay Butera used raffia on the ceiling in his family room for a neutral backdrop to allow flexibility if color change is desired down the road.  Infusing texture and interest through out the room by treating the ceiling  adds to and defines this comfortable space. image




Elizabeth Gordon Studio used a strong blue and gold pattern on the ceiling that enlivens as well as adds strength to the space.









Ballroom Blue by Farrow & Ball wrapped up onto high ceiling grounds the space and helps to create an intimate feel in this large open family room. (image source Flickr) F&B Ballroom Blue FlikrImage The examples shown were done with paper and/or paint, but there are unlimited possibilities of other ways to enhance that long forgotten space up above……let your imagination run wild, or wait patiently for my post on other options :).  If your imagination of what you might create in attempting something like this on your own, Interior View provides service in creating unique individual spaces designed just for you.

Don’t forget to look up, and consider the ceiling, skies the limit, go for it.


  1. Hi Laura, I like this post! Great pics... especially the Kelley dining room and the Elisabeth Hague dining room. Have a great day!

  2. Your Developing Designs is like taking a design class for the non professional like myself. With each each new installment, I learn and see things in rooms that I had not seen before. Your photographs show a wide variety of style and design that are sure to interest everyone regardless of their style preferences. I look forward to each new issue.
    Good work! Jenna B

  3. Fabulous post! I always love the idea of doing something with the ceiling but then I always chicken out. This is amazing inspiration.

  4. What a great post! Love Kasler' entryway. I have used that photo in another post too.

    Thanks too for dropping by my blog. I love yours!


  5. Quick question if you have time to answer... Do you have to have tall ceilings to pull this off successfully? Can it work with 8' ceilings?

    Ooohh, I just thought of one more question! In the first picture there is a frame mounted on the large mirror and I've been seeing that more and more. How is it affixed? Is it glued?

    Thank you! ~ Kim

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  7. @ don't necessarily have to have anything more than 8' ceilings to do this. It depends upon the overall look you want to achieve.
    Also, usually when you see the mirror mounted on top of mirror like that I would guess they drilled a hole through the mirror and hung the other on some sort of hook. Hope that helps. Thanks. Laura