Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dreamy bed

Oh, how I love thee.  When other’s might claim to dream of genie, I dream of many things, but of late, it is of this beautiful bed by Edward Ferrel/Lewis Mittman.

It all started with the first image (featured on many blogs before) that started me day dreaming.  I knew immediately……I was in love.  Yes, it was love at first sight….ummm, okay, I admit, it may be odd to some of you that I have this feeling towards a piece of furniture.  But, if you are passionate about something, love comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you learn to just go with the flow of these things.    image









Interior designer Liz Williams  created this stunning space in a charming home in the Ansley Park area of Atlanta using the bed in a medium finish which contrasts beautifully against the simple elegant fabric.

Image via
Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, photography by Erica George Dines.

 imageA different angle to the gorgeous bedroom by Liz Williams.

Then……pitter patter, thump, thump, goes my heart when I see this bedroom……..image



by the very talented designer Amy Morris

Anyone would be a very happy person drifting off to sleep, perhaps dreaming of delicious white and dark chocolate truffles that are inspired by this dreamy space. 















Carole Weaks, of C. Weaks Interiors, Inc. created this inviting bedroom at the Inspired Home Design Showcase at the Mart in Atlanta. 


Bed by Lewis Mittman, benches by Amy Howard. 




The Lewis Mittman: St. George Bed can be made up in array of finishes, fabrics and custom details.  Here it is shown with intricate tufting in a striking silver finish with a pale grey blue velvet.  image

Or, for a richer look, consider using a silver finish contrasted with a dark rich damask pattern. image
One can also create a warm sunny feeling when done in a light finish complemented in a glowing golden fabric.
image Room scene from Lewis Mittman website.

After seeing this bed I find myself spending countless nights dreaming, fantasizing, craving, wanting…..dreaming those sweet dreams……till some day. 

Wishing you all sweet dreams. 

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  1. All beautiful Laura. A cozy, comfy and yes elegant bed in which to dream and make our dreams come true!

  2. I adore upholstered headboards, they are always the most luxurious!

  3. EFLM start many of my dreams.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! I honestly don't know what I like better, the blue or the brown.... In fact, the first picture of the bed in white is also beautiful! I want a new bed so badly.... this just might be the one!

  5. Are you out of Atlanta? I feel like I might need to change your place in my blogroll :)

  6. I love this bed too! I just ordered a new headboard (from Home Shopping Network of all places! A Nate Burkus). It's a simple tufted headboard, but that's what I wanted. But, now that you've posted on this one, I'm rethinking my decision! :)

  7. So amazing how you found that same bed in all the different colours! Great post, thanks!