Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hot Stylish Fires: In The Great Outdoors

It is the chill yourself to the bone type cold weather for most of us during this time, now is a great moment to envision warming yourself up.  So, go ahead, call me crazy, grab your glass of wine, and join me as we go on outside to warm up with a stylish outdoor fireplace underneath the dazzling starry sky.  Can you feel it, the warmth radiating from the glow of the fire?  OK, well maybe in the dead of winter you might want to bring a blanket along too. image Stunning & Sustainable
Spark Fires introduced themselves to the industry with their inventive ribbon fireplace back in 2005.  Nothing can smother this smokin’ hot company and their fabulous innovative flawless designed outdoor fireplace (another day another post for their chic indoor fireplaces).

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Sure to compliment any landscape, adding one of these sleek stylish fireplaces to an outdoor space will certainly make you want to cozy up to it and its warmth.  You just may never want to go back inside.

image Clean & Green SPARK products are energy-efficient and designed to be as clean-burning as
possible, nearly eliminating any carbon monoxide or soot. Proud to be a member of The United States Green Building Council
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And just went you didn’t think it could get any hotter………….check out these stunning cast concrete fire pits from Solus Decor.










Solus D├ęcor is a Vancouver, BC-based design and manufacturing studio committed to designing and crafting the world's finest cast concrete products.








Hot….Hot…..Hot….. Sizzling hot….
I say, good bye Mr.Winter, bring on the heat!


  1. I love, love, love those streamlined Spark fireplaces! We have an outdoor fireplace, although it is the hum-drum boring typical style! lol... I'm thinking I should put one of these Spark fireplaces in on the other side of my patio so we can be surrounded by warmth and style!

  2. O.K., now I want one for both my back yard and front yard!!!
    These are fantastic!!! Will have to look into setting up an account with these companies. As always... thank you!

  3. Those are so fabulous for a contemporary pad! Gorgeous!

  4. These are so cool! You know all the bestest stuff!

  5. I love this. I have never seen any of these fire sources before, and I love them. It was a great idea for this cold time of year. Jenna

  6. Hey, you were a winner on my photo giveaway... Did you send me your mailing address?

  7. Thanks for your sweet comment the other day!! You are so great!