Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cooling Off with Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fan has come a long way over the years, seeming to go from blah to WOW (thankfully so) There are many beautiful styles available, along with the possibility for customization, you too can be sitting under a fabulous fan feeling the breeze as it heats up for the summer.

Image via Houzz    Shelter Island beach house by Wettling Architects
 When the right one is chosen, it can add dimension & style to a room just as a fabulous piece of art or interesting accessory can.  Truth be told besides the simplicity and sexiness of this ceiling fan (shown above), I am also flipping out over how gorgeous this home is (not far from where I grew up).

Image via Houzz   Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography
In large spaces, having more than one provides double the pleasure. Not only can they help with cooling costs in the summer, they can look cool too!

 Interior by Amy Morris Image by Atlanta Homes as seen on Savor Home Blog
With many manufacturers offering an array of styles, sizes, multiple blade options, finishes and much more, this allows for designing and customizing one to be perfect for whichever space you choose.

 Image Via Houzz The Beach House by Anderson Studio Architecture & Design 

 Image Via Houzz The Beach House by Anderson Studio Architecture & Design 
Stylish even in a relaxing bedroom (doesn't hurt to have that incredible view)!

Image Via Houzz  Paradise at the Pier HOUZZ by Stofft Cooney Architects

In more contemporary rooms, the ceiling fan can blend into it's surroundings in having it be similar to the ceiling color and possessing a sleek design helps minimize it's presence.

Image Via Houzz  Paradise at the Pier HOUZZ by Stofft Cooney Architects

 Not only do they provide function they also help lower heating & cooling costs all year round when in the proper setting.
In the Summer have the fan go in a counter clock-wise (forwarddirection to provide a wind chill effect helping the room feel cooler. 

In the Winter have the fan run at a low speed in a clock-wise (reverse) direction to help with drawing cooler air from below blowing it upwards as the warmer air will be pushed down.

Have you been swayed into believing that ceiling fans really can be stylish?
Let me know what you think.



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