Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday Tip: Gardening & Attracting Hummingbirds

In keeping with the beautiful time of year, let's continue to have many reasons to get outside…
admiring the impressive Hummingbird.

Some interior designers love to use their gift they have for designing interiors in the same way for outdoors too by creating gorgeous gardens.  By layering textures, colors and adding depth/scale in using these similar techniques applied indoors, a garden can possess an attraction for homeowners in the say way and be a space to enjoy for many years to come…and if done right, grabbing the eye of hummingbirds too!
Hummingbird in the Garden Photo: Jim White 

Besides providing a natural way to feed them (feeder), they feed by sight on routes that they regular follow.

Why not consider ways in which to attract them to you?  Hummingbirds are inquisitive by nature, so providing them with a possible new food source, you maybe lucky enough to have them linger longer in your yard.
Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Because they are also very visual creatures (most birds do not have a sense of smell), consider creating a hummingbird habitat that provides an abundance of nectar/food that they will visually be attracted to.
Images from Pinterest  storyboard created using PSE

Plants, Trees & Shrubs  
 (just a few suggestions): 
Butterfly Bush 
Cape Honeysuckle
Flowering Quince 
Morning Glory
Coral Bells 
Trumpet Creeper

Additional Features  Hummingbirds Will Enjoy
Water (ideally mist, fountain) 
Gazing Ball (blue or red
Perches (small to grasp onto in an open area to keep an eye out) 

  I couldn't help but share a few stylish Hummingbird Feeders nice enough perhaps even for the pickiest  peeps (designer approved) that may want to add a little pizazz to their gardens while having an additional feeding source for the hummingbirds.

Note:  Ruby-throated Hummingbirds found in the Eastern part of the US, are very territorial and tend to defend their flowers and feeders.  So, you may want to consider putting up several feeders out of sight from each other.

Feeders in North America should be put up early enough as the hummingbirds are in their migratory pattern (timing will vary greatly depending on where you are located, can be as early as January in Florida).

Hummingbird Food Recipe (re-fresh every 3-4 days)
1 Part Sugar
4 Parts Water 
Boil water 1-2 minutes, add sugar till dissolved. 
Cool & Store in Refrigerator 

Sometimes seeing something void of color can be just as beautiful. 
A rare site to behold: an Albino Hummingbird.  Photo by Kevin Shank 

Time to get busy!  Don't forget to let us know how your new garden turns out. 

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