Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday's Muse: Classy Ceramics

Jars Dinnerware of France 

"To those who enjoy the simplicity and joy of being around a unique & beautiful table…every day".  Jars CĂ©ramistes

Photo: DIDRIKs
They call it: Art de' la Table.  I call it beautiful & functional, this gorgeous stoneware is meticulously handmade in France for over a century (since 1857).  This stunning ceramic pieces show an obvious passion for art & an attention to detail that is in perfect harmony with contemporary lifestyles found today.

Master ceramicists at Jars Ceramistes are renowned for their rustic warmth in adding exceptional character and depth of color to every piece.  Can you see it?  Gorgeous right?

Can you imagine how amazing these would look in a kitchen with open shelving so you could always feast your eyes on these beauties at all times? 

Who wouldn't want to present their delicious meals on art like this?  Makes you just want to clean your plate as quickly as possible so you can unearth the beauty to see it again.  :) 

They use a 17-step technique to shape and glaze their stoneware collection by hand.  All that handwork is evident in every piece & it's even chip resistant too!  
To this day, the company has remained true to the founder’s creative vision of turning objects of day-to-day living into works of art, while transforming  the functional into the beautiful.

PLUME:  Like all those small organic treasures we gather in the morning along the silent beaches: shells, feathers, rocks and fossils of the present.

VUELTA Blanc Perle:   The shape of the arena, from the ancient mystery of the circus to the glory of the festivities.

VUELTA Gris Silex

The making of Jars for Williams Sonoma

Do these beauties speak to you as much as they do me? 
I am drooling and lusting over Plume.  
What's your favorite style? 


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