Saturday, October 23, 2010

Round, Mirror, Mirror…..On The Wall

Before we get into mirror, mirror on the wall…… :) I am just back from a fantastic fun filled but exhausting in a very satisfying kind of way trip to the Fall Furniture Market, High Point, North Carolina.  Attended with my BFF, the ever so talented, lively, loveable, Gloria De Lourdes Blalock of Blalock Interiors.  In my opinion there is never a better way to experience market than with this amazing woman. 
Luly and Laura-1 Besides perusing a lot of new fantastic merchandise, I also had the pleasure of seeing some old & some new friends.  Having the opportunity of meeting some awesome peeps from the blog world in person for the first time…..(way cool!).   Including, the fabulous Maria Killam who writes the coveted blog, Colour Me Happy.  The radiant Lauren Leiss from Pure Style Home.  The striking beauty and brains behind the exciting new publication Rue, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief, Crystal Gentilello, who also has a fantastic blog, Plush Palate.  As well as the admired and fabulous Jennifer Sergernt of DC By Designs
Lauren Jennifer and Crysta-1 Peeps-2-2 
Also to my delight I again was able to see my idol, the much admired absolutely gifted talented and stylish, Mr. Barry Dixon (and yes, I look that dorky in every picture with him, I get so giddy when in the presence of that fantabulous man).  The very funny (I was laughing pretty hard during our encounter) entertaining and lovely, Alexa Hampton.  As well as the sharp and adorable all rolled into one, fashion designer of homes, Mr. Barclay Buttera.  Last, but not least, the magnificent lively inspirational Mr. Eddie Ross.

And yes, if you are observant (notice my same outfit), this happened all in ONE day/evening! :)

NOW, onward, to……the subject at hand….

Sometimes, I mean, most of the time when we are looking for something in particular it doesn’t seem to be there.  Then, when you are not looking, or had given up hope, or found that something already, then you tend to notice more of them, and poof, there they are.  One of the things I seemed to be attracted to this market (trust me, there were many) were round shapes, that endless/infinity circle of love, or so it is in my mind, like round mirrors. 

For example: The exceptional quality handmade mirrors crafted in the Good Ol’ USA (since 1970!) from Carver’s Guild.  All their stunning mirrors (over 400 of them!) are made on site in West Groton, MA, with most styles are available in optional finishes.

Here are some magnificent examples of how round mirrors can add that something special to a space, either alone, grouped together, small or large……endless possibilities. KelleyInteriorDesign washingtonDC MstBdrm2 
Kelley Proxmire, Kelley Interior Design

McGillDesignGroupbdrmbuiltins McGill Design Group

MAX&CO.phowardbdrm2 Max & Co.  Phoebe Howard 

       THatlantashowhouse mstr Westbrook Interiors ant mirrors custom chaise and bed by Wstbrook 
Westbrook Interiors                

   LizWilliams bdrm2AmeliaIsland Liz Williams                    

image McGill Design Group

KAY DOUGLAS HB AncientfrenchDoorshideTV 9-belgium-familyroom-1007_xlg
Kay Douglas, photo: House Beautiful

DC DesignHouse FrankBabbRandolph naturalLinenpaintedsilver silver accents Photo Gordon Beall KelleyInteriorDesign EasternShore DR2 Frank Babb Randolph photo: Gordon Beall                                   Kelley Proxmire, Kelley Interior Design

There were also these fabulous round mirror sconces in two different finishes and sizes from Circa Lighting.  LOVE!Circa Lighting round mirror sconces-3 Circa Lighting round mirror sconces-1 Circa Lighting round mirror sconces-2

This was just one inspirational element out of oodles that I saw.  Designing, it’s all in the details.


  1. Great fun! I am sad i did not get to meet up with fellow bloggers! We got there late this trip but def hope to meet more in April!! It was a great show and i am starting my posting soon! My only disappointment was the overwhelming "restoration hardware" look just about everywhere. I like to think there is some originality out there too!! ~~~cheryl

  2. It was SO nice to meet you last weekend! Wish we could have had more time together...can't wait till next time :)

    Thanks so much for the kind words in your post.


  3. Hey girlfriend! Love this post!!! You are so cute in all your pics. I love how your head "nods" to the side in all your pics. Don't change that... it's too charming! :)

    I loved this post for other than the obvious... there were pics of things I've never seen before. The built-ins in the McGill Design Group bedroom are exactly what I'm looking for to do in my own bedroom.

    The light green ceiling and white walls is brilliant in the Max & Co. room... I can't believe I haven't seen that combination before... but I love it! If I only had higher ceilings in my house, I might copy it.

    And the Westbrook Interiors room is very similar in color to my bedroom, and the accessories, bedding, etc. give me lots of ideas!

    Love it!!!


  4. Love this post on round mirrors. Funny I was just looking at one yesterday in my travels wondering where I could put it. Above my linen upholstered bed is one spot! Thank you for your so sweet and wonderful comment today you totally made my day!! Love all the photos!

  5. * This is one FABULOUS BLOG, which I intend to continue to FULLY ENJOY every time you publish!!! Many thanks!!! (Yes, I signed up to be notified by E-mail... don't want to miss a beat!)...

    Linda in AZ *

  6. Looks like you had a blast!! Next year I'll just have to go - I've never been!