Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Doors…..Dark, Rich & Inviting.

Introducing a little black magic on doors creates a look that is sophisticated, dramatic and seductive….. imageBlackDoor ElizabethKimberlyDesign2 
Elizabeth Kimberly Design

FRONT ENTRANCE:  Something about approaching a classic black entry door that exudes a timeless elegance.  Black front doors offer an array of options, whether contrasted against brick, stone, or surrounded by neutrals, perhaps accented in pewter or brass, and even lovingly adorned for the holidays imbues a welcoming sense to a home. 
image Martha Stewart Living
Image Left:
Glossy black front door of a three-story Georgian-style house in San Francisco Designer Ken Folk  House Beautiful       Image Right: Martha Stewart Living 

WindsorSmith EastCoastTraditional Entry  Though it is just a hint of the door, visualizing this fabulous entry is not hard to do.  Windsor Smith’s East Coast stunning traditional entry is traditional elegance without the fuss.   House Beautiful

FOYER:  Mixed with classic details or even when infused with a little rustic elements, a black foyer door complements it’s surroundings in a pleasing way.
image entryway black and white SimplifiedBee
Photo Left: Flawless foyer with high gloss black front door, marble inlay floor, Greek key trim roman shades and a Benjamin Moore Palladium Blue ceiling,  From Coco Cozy Atlanta homes magazine Photo Right: Simplified Bee

image    living_etc_black_door_Halway-with-hooks_rect540 Apartment Therapy
Image Left
A high-gloss black front door is the perfect contrast for the colorful and rustic elements of this entryway.  A stained-glass transom window, star-shaped pendant light, colorful floor rug and pair of antlers adds a whimsical vibe to this small but charming room.  House & Home    Image RightApartment Therapy

  "Black is the queen of all colors." It's dramatic and intense.  Black stretches the perimeter.    ~Windsor Smith 

I  personally can’t think of a room that they don’t look fabulous. Stunning in the:
 image  Darryl Carter  Elle Decor 

image image
Photo Left:
French doors, a round gilt mirror and an elegant black and white color scheme make this bedroom the epitome of boutique-hotel chic House & Home Photography: James Tse     Photo Right: Attached versus opening, these antique Bordello doors make for a striking headboard  Darryl Carter via Elle Decor 

Peter Pennoyer Park Avenue Apt Dining Room blackglossypocketdoors Dramatic stylish black glossy pocket doors accented in white trim detail. Peter Pennoyer

image image
Left Photo: Windsor Smith House Beautiful “When you walk into that room in the daytime, your eye goes straight outside”Windsor Smith.   Black definitely does that, it frames the view, makes the outdoors pop.  
Image Right:  McGill Design Group, Canadian House & Home

MASTER SUITE:    image  Darryl Carter via Elle Decor 

As well as……EXTERIOR/BACK PORCH/DECK: image Sleek, black wicker chairs and cube tables add dramatic flare to this outdoor lounge space and coordinate with the painted doors and trim.   House & Home Photography: Donna Griffith

image Kriste Michelini Interiors

Next up, I will be showing you how fun, gorgeous, eye popping backdrops black entry doors make for holiday decorations.



  1. TOTALLY 'Luly' Doors!!!!

    Just had the front door of a client's home in Old Town, Alexandria, VA., painted a high-gloss black. It looks FANTASTIC! I positively adore black doors <3 Thanks so much for this post!!!


  2. You must be reading my mind...I have neutral colored double front doors that match the trim on my house, and I've been thinking of painting them the shutter color (black-green). My decision is made!! Thanks for the inspiration...

  3. There's nothing that adds instant elegance like a black door!!

  4. A M A Z I N G collection of photos!! Best I've seen all week! xo

  5. Love the look of these black doors. I have seen this done in a friends home, and it really looked fab. I am not sure I would do black, but i would love a dark painted door..

    loved your comment on dining rooms today. My home is all open concept and I would kill for a closed dining room. Although i have converted what would be a family room into an oversized dining area.. It works..:-)

  6. Black is such a gorgeous color. I chose it myself for the custom iron doors I had made for my new house, and it came out wonderfully. And I definitely agree with Windsor Smith. Her words apply especially to house designs, may it be interior or exterior. If ever my friends and neighbors decide to get iron doors installed in their home as well, I really hope they opt for black.

  7. Our front door is black and I love it, but I've never considered painting the interior of the door black. I love the contrast of the black doors against the white trim. You may have give me something to think about in 2011.