Sunday, March 7, 2010

Amazing Art & The Artists

Two different artists, two different styles….each creating sensational art worth gazing at to enjoy, savor and take in all the beauty they possess.   image

Think of all the beauty still around you & be happy.  ~Anne Frank  

Kevin Fitzgerald:  Has been painting for over 30 years, born in Washington, D.C., Kevin was drawn to painting from early childhood.  Citing the 19th century Romantics and Tonalists as inspiration, the work is both assuaging and triumphant in depicting the divine landscape. Fields, farms, marshes, and ponds all comprise the working vocabulary of a painter who glorifies the Great Mid-Atlantic region.image image image
There has yet to be a piece that artist Kevin Fitzgerald that I have seen that hasn’t moved me on some level or another.  The feeling when seeing one of his paintings, each one has evoked a strong sense of connecting to the stunning pieces they are.  Someday, someday, oh someday……I will be lucky enough to have one of his beautiful works of art gracing one of my walls where endless gazing would occur.  For now, I breathe in the beauty of this man’s talents through galleries and other fortunate people that are in possession of his amazing art.     
    image image

 The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection. ~Michelangelo  

If you love his works as much as I do and you are lucky enough to be around Old Town Alexandria, Virginia on Friday March 12, 2010 from 6:30-9:00 pm, do stop in at the super fabulous Principle Gallery for
Kevin Fitzgerald’s – Exhibit   He is a pure pleasure to meet and converse with & you’ll be happy you stopped in to have the opportunity to see him and his art in person.
all images courtesy of Principle Gallery 208 king street Alexandria, Virginia 22314  phone: 703.739.9326


Janet Slom an artist, resides in Westport Connecticut.  She has a gift, one where she is very much connected to her art, and paints from her heart and soul.  The very first second I glanced at her art, I sensed an intense and amazing feeling of serene beauty in which her soul radiates and is poured into each piece.
Her journey in life, her inspirations and her energy she creates ethereal paintings, aptly called, Heaven & Earth.
  The paintings abstractly interpret the moment when sunlight, earth, and sky meet in a stunning gorgeous burst. “Everyday I go for an early-morning walk just as the dawn breaks, and the beauty is so overwhelming, it is profound,” says Janet about the series. “It is a reminder that all we really have is this moment.” 


Please do take a moment to take in, inhale, embrace if you will, her majestic descriptions,which are almost as beautiful as her art is, her words regarding the meaning & the feelings in which she creates some of her series. image image    image
The idea of mindfulness and capturing the essence of a given point in time is a recurring theme in her work.  In Abbracci, or “hug” in Italian, loosely painted figures embrace passionately or fondly, and for Janet the series is about the beauty of not only being embraced but also embracing the moment. “Whether it’s drawing a model or showing
the dance of light on the water, it’s about pondering all of that childlike wonder and gratitude and seeing this very moment because   it’s all very fragile and very fleeting. It’s quick.”

imageimageimageHer works seem to captivate, entrance you, which seem to have this magical glow.  

image image
Westport Magazine - February 2006 by Suzanne Gerber
A renowned artist and teacher who has shown her transcendental abstract paintings on several continents, Janet paints not from her imagination so much as from her soul. Which is not surprising when you learn that Janet the artist has her roots in Janet the dancer and Janet the student of yoga and meditation. Today those seemingly disparate threads have been woven together in her life and her art.   Lately, Janet’s work has begun to change on a profound level. She’s in the middle of a life change, leaving her past behind and starting anew. Not surprisingly, her art is reflecting this transformation, which she likens to “living in the blankness of a canvas.” Petite and impassioned, when Janet speaks, she sounds like she’s reading. But because her inner and outer worlds are so aligned, the words come out perfectly crafted, like her soul has been rehearsing them forever.

image image  
“Art is a universal language that communicates through the heart of creative expression.  When the work touches another deeply, it is a celebration and a gift.” ~Janet Slom

I have been forever changed in such a way after having connected with these artists and their art.  When we view art, it should move us, connect with us on some level, speak to us, invoke a feeling, touches us deeply……do you have a favorite art piece or artist that makes you feel those things?


  1. What a beautiful post! Love this art!

  2. I will second Maria's comment, I love this of the pieces is similar in composition and colours to a piece of art I saw for a client's fireplace in a new art store around the corner from my home. (I live downtown so there is alots round me) I am thinking this is a sign I should show the art to my client...the last picture on this post on the right side, I new you were wondering...great blog you have. Regards, Carol Ann

  3. Laura, I mentioned you in my post about art today because I included some of those pics you sent me!! Thanks so much (it made my post writing half an hour today instead of one hour or more and that was perfect as I was tired :)

  4. I am so drawn by the colors in the first group of three... LOVE the teals, blues, and greens. Very serene and perfect artwork for South Florida living spaces. Thanks for sharing.

    :D Lynda

  5. Gorgeous! I just need more wall space in my home!!!


  6. Gloria de Lourdes BlalockApril 13, 2010

    As always... brilliant!!!