Monday, March 22, 2010

Settees……at the Dining Table

Adding a settee, upholstered bench or a sofa in a dining area can create an understated elegance feel.    image  The soft, feminine tufted curved sofa in Mariette Himes Gomez's  NYC apartment does just that, as seen on Harmony & Home from Architectural Digest.

Whether in a formal dining room, a nook or an open kitchen, when paired with a rustic or dressy table, settees add comfort and style which reveal an appealing, inviting gathering spot which to linger in.  imageSouthern Accents as seen over at Tobi Farley

Having a settee in a dining area can evoke either a casual or formal sense, depending on the approach and style in what other items it is paired with.  But, without a doubt,  it seems to always convey that welcoming come on over here to sit down for awhile mood. image Phoebe Howard skirted low back tufted armless settee with mahogany Duncan Phyfe table.


Architectural Digest   Photography by Scott Frances   Mariette Himes Gomez  “I prefer having a less formal dining room,” says Gomez. The round table, which was formerly owned by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, is set with English drabware, “the sort of very simple things I like.”

imageScott Laslie's uses a settee with a modern lines that blends nicely in this bold black and white dining area.

image Photography by Tria Giovan

image Photographer Michael Partenio The rich gray shapely settee and curved details of the chairs both with bold contrast play nicely off of each other creating a sophisticated space.

image In this dining area, Phoebe Howard’s classic but with a touch of a modern twist, has softened the space with the introduction of a clean lined tufted settee which visually de-clutters the room and allows your eye to take in the creative details placed throughout. 
 image Victoria Neale’s lovely fresh inviting dining room at the Green House Charity Works House used an Edward Ferrell high back settee with contrast stripes and a flirty mini skirt which is paired with a simple elegant David Iatesta chandelier.   

Anyone that knows me, knows I am obsessed in love with Barry Dixon.  The man, all he does, touches and creates in my book are always fabulous.  Which is why I am sharing 3 different images of the same room at his historic Virginia residence, Elway Hall that he shares with his partner Michael Schmidt. image

“The important things in a room are the essence of what you hold valuable. "Things that define who you are. A room should start a conversation before people actually start exchanging words."
  ~Barry Dixon imagePhoto credits: Michael Schmidt, Virginia Living & Tria Giovan

Curved, straight, shapely, skirted, leggy, nail heads, tufted, high back, low back, the options are limitless.  With so many choices, consider a professional design service such as Interior View to assist you in finding just the right settee and take the first steps to creating an inviting pleasing space which to enjoy.  


  1. Brilliant post! This is a look I love. A settee is elegant yet it brings such a relaxed feeling when you see it with a dining table.

    And I'm with you on loving all things Barry Dixon. I do too.

  2. Gorgeous post, it is so luxurious!

  3. love these! I am saving every picture into my idea file!! Have you seen the settees that are counter height? I am desiging one for a client now..pretty cool for right project....two seater but at counter height for pulling up to island ...again in right situation!

  4. @Details & Design. Love those settees for the island! I was JUST reading yesterday (I think in Reno Style) how that was someone's favorite part (though a double bench) of her whole kitchen and how everyone goes right to it. I look forward to seeing how your project turns out. :)

  5. YOU SAVED ME!!!! THE LINK YOU SENT TOTALLY CHANGED EVERYTHING! I love the new templates! Thank you! Theses photos are beautiful as well :) You are such a good blogger friend!

  6. I wish I have those nice big spaces at home so that I can make mine something like that.

  7. Have you ever spec'd a settee to get slipcovered for use at the dining table? If so, how did you build the cushion height to match chair height?


  8. Ellen, a tight seat works well. Or if it is a loose cushion, it should be firm and a little higher than your standard seat height (19") to allow for give.

  9. These designs are beautiful! I have a tiny dining room (8'x8') and have had the hardest time finding the right furniture for this space. I ended up purchasing a round table with 4 chairs and a vintage settee. I placed the settee in the corner and set 3 of the chairs around the table. Although my dining room isn't as nice as the designs here, everyone seems to love it and yes, everyone wants to sit on the settee!!!