Sunday, February 28, 2010

Objects de’ Art…….Artfully Displayed On The Walls

Art and mirrors are not the only thing that can be displayed on a wall.  If it’s an object, whether it be old, new, a family heirloom, large, small, asymmetrical, symmetrical, flat or three dimensional, more than likely it can be hung on the wall to create a an interesting element to a space.

Nautical: from ships, to sails to sea (coral).
image Phoebe Howard

image Phoebe Howard 


Kay Douglass beach home Coastal Living

Hung in a series, everyday items create a graphic focal point on an architecture-free wall,” Kay says. “When I am shopping for wall art, I’m initially drawn to the shape of an object, but I also look for woven textures and pay attention to the object’s former life.” Baskets, oars, and even hayforks the designer is also drawn to old shutters and wheels.







image S.R. Gambrel

Objects add interest and can be displayed in bedrooms, foyers, stairways, kitchens, barns, living rooms, powder rooms, nurseries, porches or anywhere there is a vertical space to which to hang something.

Found Objects: image Eric Cohler
image S.R. Gambrel

image Phoebe Howard 

image image
                              Image source Nest Egg                                                                       Phoebe Howard

In The Barn & Barn Implements
image  Erin Martin Design in a party barn… fun.
FF5 image
Coastal Living

 Architectural Treasures: a great way to give some interest to a room that is lacking in architectural detailing.image Brooke Giannetti of Velvet & Linen added a beautiful  Italian wood piece above the bed.

                                         Coastal Living                                                                           Windsor Smith

imageBrooke Giannetti hung old doors with vintage paintings.

image image
                          Phoebe Howard                                                                        Martha Stewart






Ready-made ceiling rosettes are lightweight and easy to hang.








Hats & Masks:
image image
Erin Martin Design

Unique elements for display can be found in many places such as Etsy, 1st dibs, antique stores, your closet, your mother’s closet, galleries, markets and more….let your imagination go wild.  Repurposing items is also a great way to recycle.
image image
1stDibs: China 19th Century 
Black lacquered contemplation panels with marble inserts

Which ideas inspired you to take a look at something you have in a different way in where you might want to display it on a wall?  What is it and where shall you hang it?


  1. O.K.... I have been inspired to tackle a wall in my Master Bedroom. Thanks for posting this... it was the 'NUDGE' I needed from your Design Universe! Love your posts... ALL of them inspire me. I think you will need to do a contest to see how your posts inspire others. Then post the pictures from the inspirations and see what you come up with. You can have an entire blog dedicated to how you inpsire us! Between you and I, I think we can come up with something to 'Give Away' to the entry winner. Lord knows my studio runneth over...

  2. It is an honor if I am the one that inspires you :) Can't wait to see what fabulous something you come up with for your bedroom.
    A contest sounds like a fabulous idea, love the idea!

  3. You have an incredible eye and love the examples you shared in this post. It certainly opens up my eyes to all the possibilities on how to decorate your wall. Beauitful!

  4. I especially am drawn to the "focal point" created by hanging the oars in a series!
    Bold, graphic, and clean...

    :D Lynda

  5. I love the boat oars idea! How much fun! You always have the best ideas!

  6. I'm having so much fun reading all of your posts. Such eye candy!
    Thank you for including some of my images in this post. I'm honored :)