Thursday, May 6, 2010

Relaxing in Sunrooms & Porches

 Spring Summer (early May and it’s already 90 degrees in Virginia) is in the air, and what better place to celebrate it then from a sunny sunroom (for now with the windows closed till all that icky green pollen goes away) this lovely time of year. 

Sunrooms should have a feeling of openness and be bathed in light, they are a great place to relax, unwind and enjoy the sun’s sunshine and warmth without the harmful UVA exposure. A place to sit back, relax, read a book, a cool drink or enjoy a savory meal.  It would be a treat in this sunroom, with it’s light pouring through the gorgeous arched windows,  layers of linens, soft muslin window treatments, sumptuous leather, natural textures, stone floors & cool neutral color palette. imageTraditional Home  Kandis Wrigley of San Juan Ventures

In this sunroom with soaring white-washed ceilings, simple two-color scheme with crisp lime green give the room life which blends naturally with the outside surroundings, making it hard to even want to venture outdoors.  Long and lean tall giraffe patterned drapery panels, arched windows, stone floor & tables, mixed patterns, contrast piping, stunning fireplace all grounded by a lime shag rug draws the space together.  image image Lawrence Boeder  Traditional Home Lake Forest Illinois Show House 2007

Bathed in lots of light, accented with refreshing colors found outdoors, like sunshine yellow, along with accents of leafy greens & natural elements make these cheery sunrooms indeed. 
imageTH Carithers sunroom 11 foot ceilings
Left photo: Verdigris Vie; Allison Caccoma featured in House Beautiful.         Right photo: Traditional Home Dan Carithers.

In this New England 1800s farm house the desire was to make the interior of the home brighter and more modern than the original farm house, to achieve this a bright sun room was added to an 1800s farm house.
With multi-paned French doors, high ceiling and clean lines, antique stone fireplace surround imported from France gives the feeling of permanence and grace.

image  image
Crisp Architects, NY

Classic cottage on the Bay, this sunroom has a cleansing palette of sea-foam gray/green walls and slate floors, mix of classic and contemporary wicker, rattan and teak furniture, an antique "find or two" and striking contemporary art.  This is a room about ease. The "slipper chairs", rustic iron and glass tables, and lamps of wrapped rattan and terracotta, all speak to the sophistication of the owners as well as to their confident sense of style. This room was designed to be a beautiful backdrop for the perfect view. James Beebe Hawes
image image  Caldwell-Beebe from Things that Inspire 

With summer and the heat quickly here, there is nothing like the comfort and coolness of a summer porch with the ceiling fan twirling and the breezes blowing (off the water if you are so lucky) to kick back and enjoy a cold glass of refreshing lemonade on a hot afternoon. image Coastal Living   Photo by Jean Allsopp River Dunes

With it’s rich wood floors, dark wicker, framed and contrasted with the soft white architectural details make this a perfect porch for, well, just about everything.
image Liz Williams

High up with an amazing view, rustic comfortable seating arrangement, color tones that are woodsy popped with greens and white make this fabulous porch.  The feeling of being up in a fantastic relaxing tree house (did I mention the view?).Tobi Fairley  LakeviewEstate porch2

image  Tobi Fairley  LakeviewEstate porch Tobi Fairley

Where might you find yourself escaping to enjoy, cool off, catch up on the reading and relax this time of year?


  1. I'd love a sunroom to escape to but for now, I escape to our living room (a room we hardly use). You certainly have some inspiring photos in your collection. :-)

  2. Hi nice post about the sun rooms. I especially like the Liz William's room. Thanks for stopping by my blog. How cool is BD?? He was handsome, sooooo nice and did I mention good looking? I think that really was him leaving a comment on my blog. Almost as good as meeting the Queen! tee hee, didn't mean to pun....

  3. I love the Kandis Wrigley room... something about it speaks to me! :) Looking outside at our dreary California overcast morning, your post makes me want to be in the middle of summer right now in one of those sunrooms! As usual... a beautiful post!

  4. Lovely images. I would love a sun room!