Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inspirations from Nature Come to Life

Inspiration & beauty is all around us, we just need to have our eyes open so as not to miss it.  The passion of photography enables me to keep my eyes open just a little wider than they normally might be.  I started a series with some of my photographs, how I see them through my eyes & in my mind how I imagine them them being created into something fabulous.  It is a relation of an inspiration to me to a stunning space created by others.  This concept was stimulated through the wonderful series that Anne @ The City Sage does with her fabulous Outfit to Room posts. 

BD to Zoo Photosby JPEG Room Photo Edward Addeo (Traditional Home) 
The gorgeous living space is by: Barry Dixon   "I never tire of the helios gamut of colors. Glowing ember golds, blood oranges, and muted, winey clarets fold into one another when used together. A room in these colors is warm even before we turn up the thermostat."  The extremely talented Mr. Barry Dixon is one of the most charming and eloquent men I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Some of his inspirations come from childhood memories, his farm or his exquisite travels around the world and many other fabulous places and things he sees along the way.  Whatever might move him it’s all fabulous.

The images may mean one thing to me, another to you – the meaning isn't important, how it makes us feel and what we choose to do with it……is. peacock brooks and FaloticoBrooks & Falotico designed this refreshing beach style home in Nantucket (one I could certainly find myself residing in without any problems :)).  Introduced in the living space are "peacock" Blue Porcelain Lamps from Robert Abbey, making the relation between peacock and the space even more convincing (if there was a need to make it so) :)

purple spring Spring time, love it and purple is a color that I associate with this warm, pleasant exciting (everything budding & blooming) time of year.  Purple is a color that is connected with wealth, power, intellect & magical abilities (what's not to love about that? :))  Purple is also the color of passion, it's complex, mysterious, tranquil, sophisticated & relaxing all at the same time. 
Room Photo from House Beautiful Designed by Jill Brinson (her website is chock full of amazing eye candy)  

Liz Williams Bdrm Moss2 Moss is definitely one of my favorite things to see, touch & be inspired by that can be found in natural setting. For it's velvety spongy texture, the depth, deep and dark, light and bright colors and beauty that I see in this natural element.  Liz Forsyth Williams inviting bedroom is an example of how I am inspired by the fun fuzzy stuff called moss and how it can translate to a beautiful space.
If you haven't checked out the super talented amazing Liz Williams Portfolio, I HIGHLY recommend you do. Her style is classic, clean with many natural elements introduced in her beautiful spaces.

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  1. Dearest Laura...

    You've done it again!

    That keen eye of yours is so 'on the money' each and every time again!

    LOVE this post and your Nature Inspired photography is exquisite. I can spot your photograohs from a mile away, Your sensibility is as unique as you are!

    Thanks for this post,

  2. AnonymousMay 20, 2010

    Love the post, thank you! Michael

  3. We must be on the same wave length cause i have been on the sites of the designers here lately, admiring.. and now to see this?

    You have done an amazing job pairing your photography with these rooms. Beautiful.

  4. What an amazing post! So happy I found your blog and am signing on the be your newest follower! Please stop by when you get a chance... off to look through your archives - Happy weekend.

  5. What brilliant comparisons. You never know where your inspiration may come from. Very poignant.

  6. Gosh! Love that bedroom with such a beautiful touch of nature color green!Looks relaxing and feels so airy..love it!white and green color, what a combo!thanks for sharing