Thursday, April 24, 2014

Benjamin Moore Blows…It Out of the Park!

You know when you order something and then soon after you get that email that says, "thanks for your purchase, please review it and let us know what you think"…and, well, you sort of cringe at the thought of having to take the time to write a review…but yet, secretly you are reading and appreciate them all before jumping ahead with a purchase.

Society seems to take so much time being negative that we rarely find the time to applaud, compliment and be grateful for amazing people and products.  Acknowledge and being grateful in my book is a necessity…yes, admittedly we probably all could benefit in doing it more.

Soooooo, with that being said…here I am being grateful for what may seem like something small, but in my book, totally worth sharing this positive review.  

It's for a Benjamin Moore product I used for a personal project that I am working on (which so happens to look oddly similar to the background of the above posted sign).

OK, I will admit, it didn't start out so rosy at my recent trip to the local Benjamin Moore store.  It had me reminiscing with the lady at the counter about how we both had family that worked with/sold Benjamin Moore paint when we were younger.  The conversation led to how shocking it is on how pricy things have gotten in our short time here on earth (no, I am not going to reveal anyone's ages).  I can't imagine those that have been around for longer on how much more they are shocked at the cost of things.  It's not just paint, it's everything!   From fabrics, to gas, and please, don't get me going on food!  That's where I can go on and on… lol

I admit, I was a little skeptical at $50+ a gallon with the new and improved interior "Regal Classic", now transitioning to their "Regal Select".   Well, let me tell you…WOW!  Super impressed.   I am loving what they are doing with their product (even loving the new labels)!

Regal Select is a paint and primer in one, using waterborne resins and zero VOC colorants that benefits from cutting-edge new technologies.

It goes on like butter (used Pearl Finish, which has a wee bit more of a shine than Eggshell) and got amazing coverage even with just the first coat in a deep base, with very little odor (and for one that is fighting a head cold, that was a huge bonus). 
1477 Deep Creek Benjamin Moore Paint

As a designer, I always tell my clients that paint is the least expensive part of a room that gives you the biggest impact.  I still stand by that statement 100%!

Here it is shown in Annie Werden's dining room in Southern Living.

Recently, I spent some time helping a friend paint her daughters room, using "that" brand from Home Depot.  It was a wee bit of a nightmare, you know the kind.  I think I lost count of how many coats to get the correct coverage, then on top of it the cans of paint were mixed differently (Yes, you are suppose to mix them all together to prevent that, but who really does that?).  :)  Making it necessary to go back and coat one more time all the walls so they match (sorry my friend).  Sort of felt like how this poor kid did about his face painting.

All of this is to rant and rave on how much this product rocks.   I have always recommended the quality and durability of what Benjamin Moore has to offer.  This personal experience with their newest "Regal Select" will continue to have me singing their praises.

Now, all I can hope for is that the choice of color used for the guest bedroom will have my guests feeling cozy and calm during their visit.

Anyone else have praise for something that recently used in their home they want to share?

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