Monday, December 14, 2009

HOLIDAY DECORATING in a soft palette

When one usually thinks of festive decorating for the holidays, we might think of the contrast colors of red and green.   But, during the holiday season many might feel their stress levels rising, it can’t be just me……can it?   To see what seems to be the latest trend in holiday decorating of fresh crisp white and off-whites contrasted with green is a welcomed look that creates a soothing, calming feeling.

May you find some inspiration that might tempt/motivate you to create something to surround yourself in a soothing environment in this approaching too quickly holiday (again, is it just me that feels that way?)

 image                      image
Merchandise display at Giannetti Home by Kate Burger of K8vision

DSC_1026 - CopyClient’s residence in Virginia by interior view

 image Image from Southern Living from Haven&Home 

  image  image
Images courtesy of Tobi Farley , visit for fabulous tips on Holiday decorating

imageCoastal Living




The shells and starfish remind me of someone else that looks towards nature and it’s elements for decorating.  The next post, as promised will include the much anticipated beautiful holiday mantel created by Gloria Blalock.  


Stay tuned…..

Happy Holidays…..


  1. I just posted it, but you must have just missed it :) the pressure was too much. I can't call my tree perfect and then not post a picture (that was silly) but my dear readers called me on it right away :)
    Love your green christmas post!

  2. Beautiful collection of photos! I love the huge weaths on the French doors!

  3. I agree, I am loving the green and white. So classic and pretty!