Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Drapery: Designing Is In The Details

Window treatments, they bring so much interest to a room and they should always be considered when designing a house, yet it seems to be something that is not implemented nearly enough. They can add romance, coziness, warmth, texture, softness, and a splash of color if needed. You simply cannot go wrong by adding some attractive window treatments to your home. Without them it’s like going to the ball in a gown without the jewels adorning/accenting and complimenting the attire.

Here is some inspiration and thoughts to hopefully help motivate.

Window treatments do not need to block a window, instead, they can frame them and enhance a view.curved hooks full window - Copy

Please……don’t be fooled, for they can be very tricky – they need to be designed and created correctly in order for them to blend adding the perfect touch/style to fit your space. There are so many options that are available in designing window treatments in can (and is) a bit overwhelming (that’s where the professionals come in!). The details, shape, fullness, trim, length, fabric, lining, header….the list goes on.
traditional home oct 03 gathered header - Copy image 
     Traditional Home Oct. 03’                                             Tone On Tone Residence Maryland

If privacy or light control is necessary, layer with shutters, blinds, woven or fabric shades.
winwallideas fall 06 Susan Gregory - Copy Window & Wall Fall 06 Susan Gregory

There are limitless options, here are just a few things to consider when designing drapery.

Headers:  these choices go on and on and on…….here are just a few examples that have some pizzazz and uniqueness to them (at least I thought so). 

Box Pleated Studded (Phillip Sides) Balloon Style Valance w/ beaded trim (Simply Creative Sewing 2004)

Pleated Flat Panel   Grommets (www.autumnhillinteriors.com ) Ballet Slipper pleat (Windows & Walls Fall 06' )


Length: This really is personal preference, some of your options are:

Floor length:  

Trouser break:



From concept to completion.  a couple of custom design installed in clients homes.

window treatment sketch

Dining Room drapes2

Dining Room drapes


                          GARCIA pwdr room window cornice 

Powder Room w art_ - Copy

Start dressing!  You will never desire to go back to bare windows again if you make the investment in proper treatments. Most often you will be amazed at the enormous transformation a room will have once they are installed.

Joni at Cote De Texas has a brilliant, informative (as always) Article on Window Dressings.


  1. Hi... Great post! I love all the pictures of the different types of header options. And, Joni's posts are always the greatest, aren't they?

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  3. Great post - I always love to see how designers deal with tricky windows.

    A few years ago, I had some curtains made for my bedroom, with 'trouser break' length. I remember my father in law commenting that the curtains were hung wrong, because they looked too long! He is used to seeing things one way, and one way only!

  4. Excellent post, i loved seeing all the different headers.

  5. love the post on window treatments...love the header shots...Fay

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  7. Hi Laura,
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