Thursday, July 9, 2009


In the Garden since 1979, no more.

While looking for a few things for a project I am working on I went over to one of my favorite sites Smith and Hawken this morning and was saddened (I can’t say in this economy I am shocked) to see:


Smith and Hawken is closing all of their stores.

The company was sold in 2004 to the largest pesticide supplier, Scotts Miracle Gro Co. Both Dave Smith and Paul Hawken said the company that bears their name had long since veered away from being a gardening company and seem quite relieved to have their names no longer be associated with the company. The original Smith & Hawken focused on high-end English gardening tools with a lifetime guarantee.

"Scotts couldn't have been a worse corporate owner," said Hawken, who lives in Mill Valley. "Smith & Hawken had become just a ghost of itself."

"How could you possibly have a gardening store in this economy and go wrong?" Hawken said. "I'll tell you why. This wasn't a gardening store anymore.

It seems funny, that my absolute coveted gift, a favorite shovel from Smith and Hawken just 2 weeks ago broke. It was a very sad day for me, it still leans up against the shed for the fond memories of all the earth that was dug up and the plants it helped to plant. Maybe a gardener might be able to relate to that, and all you others well, you just go ahead and roll your eyes :) For the gardeners out there, hold on, for there may still be hope yet for the chance for some great gardening tools…….

Gardeners might soon have a new place to find the premium gardening tools from around the world, from a surprising source. Hawken, who already wears many hats as an author, environmental activist and entrepreneur, is planning to launch an Web-based store for garden tools, in conjunction with Marin Roots Farm owner Jesse Kuhn.

To read the complete article go here.

What is your favorite gardening tool?

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