Thursday, January 20, 2011

Add Pizzazz With Painted Wood Floors

Rejuvenate tired old floors with a fresh coat of paint or stain.  Whether with a pattern such as a geometric, stripe, solid, damask, skies the limit with the options, from classic, to contemporary to snazzy to whimsical.  Painting and decorating the floor is a clever creative way to add personality to a space that's often overlooked.

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 Octagonal Key pattern hand painted sealed with a high gloss foyer floors by Billet Collins.  Interior design by Brown Davis

Billet Collins is proud to be recognized as one of Washington, DC’s most influential decorative painting studios and I’m thrilled to share just a few of their fabulous projects (along with others) with you here.  Extremely talented, gifted artists that are also big fans of painted floors, ranging from classic to contemporary.  With patience making sure the layout is just right, and taking the time to do it correctly (there is lots of prep work involved in the process) floors painted by Billet Collins will be durable, creating many years of enjoyment.  If you want gorgeous professionally painted wood floors (and more) these are the gals to contact.

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The Music Room, a room at the WDC Design House. The floor design was inspired by DC's radiating layout by L'Enfant.  Floors hand painted by: Billet Collins.  Interior design by Barbara Billet

Many layouts are geometric and can be quite complicated, figuring out the math would be in my mind something only a brilliant mathematician would be able to do. Brilliant is definitely what Billet Collins must be!  To have them laid out precisely so (which they nail every time) makes all the difference in the world.  If not laid out properly the pattern can certainly break the entire design.

 Billet Collins preference of water based paints and glazes also allows them to feel better about using eco friendly products.  And they are just as effective in use and durability as the more toxic oil paints.  See how the glaze allows the wood grain to show through? 

Welcome and wow all your guests by making a bold statement at the front entrance with a painted geometric floor.  Small spaces like foyers or hallways can handle a large dose of pattern -- and even look larger with an expansive repeat.
imageSuzanne Rheinstein’s City Escape the painted floor is by Bob ChristianElle Decor

image Joel Woodard  Created an intimate sitting area with modern artwork, cozy lighting, and added a lot of dimension with an amazing two-tone floor of contrasting squares in chocolate brown and a silver grey.  Image via House Beautiful

image Chevron pattern along with a subtle stripe runner adds a fabulous dimension to this foyer.   Nancy Bozhardt 

imageIn the kitchen: Painted floors in an extra large checkerboard pattern to add an unexpected interest and a little playful fun under your feet.  Coastal Living 

image The large bold geometric pattern strong contrast of the white and chocolate with kisses of golden hues and sharp black accents create a space with a lot of punch.  Source Unknown….anyone?

image Billet Collins Floors faux painted with wood grain, then stenciled with two tone star and the dining table fabric was painted with a lion motif.

image Designer: Elizabeth Mayhew  adds a soft touch in the bedroom with a diamond pattern with accents in taupe and white.  Fantastic interview (as they all are) with/Ronda of All The Best Blog

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Tobi Fairley adds a touch of playfulness and sophistication with a little whimsy thrown in to this kitchen and breakfast room by introducing a unique soft blue and off white striped painted floor.  Perfection!







image Mary McDonald as seen @ Hirshfield

 Billet Collins One fish, two fish...Koi on the master bedroom floors.  Just plain lovely whimsical fun….LOVE!  Painted in porch paints for great durability and easy clean up after a sandy day at the beach.  Interior design by Mary Douglas Drysdale of  Drysdale Inc.

For all you DIY’s who might want to tackle a project like this on your own, head over to read a great article: How to Paint a Wood Floor.  

For anyone else that is liking the idea but would like some professional guidance and help pulling it all together contact Interior View for all your design needs.