Monday, April 26, 2010

LANTERNS…..Lighting the Way

All for the love of lanterns, I am going to start in the “foyer”,  the first space one enters into the home welcomed by these lovely lanterns.  This is appropriate for it is the beginning, where it all started for me, when early on I did a blog on using exterior lights inside the home.  Upon researching this and in perusing fabulous images, I quickly realized I had a love, a passion so to speak for……. lanterns.  It has been a love that has sat quietly by, not really given much thought to, but once I realized this the passion was aroused & quickly went into full bloom.   Here you will find a few more divine images of how wonderful these light fixtures can light up & add splendor to the inside of the home.

Welcoming you in the entry way.  image Over at the marvelous blog, Things That Inspire,  we are reminded of the fabulous talents of of Suzanne Kasler with the graceful lantern full of character in this beautiful entry, from House Beautiful.

image image The super talented Liz Williams uses a very simple open single light lantern in this elegant foyer with it’s soothing palette.  Doesn’t she just look so cute?  We love Liz.  
ThomFilicia website stairwaylanding2  Thom Filicia  has a knack of creating handsome sophisticated spaces and his choice of lighting fixture in this rustic upstairs hallway is superb.   

image Small stylish mudroom  Loi Thai Tone on Tone photography Gordon Beall for The Washington Post

Relaxing & Looking Good in the Living Room.  imageThe living room’s carefully edited furnishings and subtle patterns give the formal space a casual appeal by Mark J. Williams Interior Design, image via Traditional Home.






Again the fabulous Liz Williams chooses the perfect light fixture in this inviting family room with it’s rich chocolate ceiling.











image A lantern sets this room off beautifully, in a home designed by Atlanta architect Bill Baker who has created an inviting area with the choice of cozy furnishings.  photo via: Things That Inspire

Let’s see what’s cooking in the kitchen:imageRustic & Refined, just how I like it.  This stunning kitchen in white with its iron table with marble top paired with Belgian 19th-c. chairs and custom cabinetry is pure perfection.  French charcuterie table, lantern and over door carving, all 19thc.  Not electrified, but the mood of romantic candlelight and pop this enchanting lantern adds to this space more than makes up for the lack of light it might provide.  Veranda 

Time to eat.     image Palmer Weiss.  L.O.V.E this lantern along with the eclectic choices used in this dining room with the linen covered chairs and pop of color in the drapery treatments one might find themselves lingering here for quite some time.

I know, I know!  We have all seen this house/room a million times in the blog world, but it is fabulous for so many reasons.  Today we will call attention to Loi’s choice of the striking verdigris lantern in his dining room. 
Loi Thai Tone on Tone photography Gordon Beall for The Washington Post

Bathed in lots of light and a soft palette this dining room is soothing & sophisticated.  Notice how Liz Williams also treated the ceiling with color, I talk about the benefits of paying attention to ceilings here.

In the Bath:
image  image
Classic style infused with vintage touches make a fabulous retreat. Photographer Edward Addeo 

image  The Chinese styled lantern adds a bit of whimsy to this simple timeless bath. Divine floor tile, soothing colors and a fabulous tub.  Brooks & Falotico

image Kitchen & Bath Ideas  The formality of this traditional bath is balanced by the coziness of the bathing nook. Surrounded by paneled walls, the built-in tub offers a secluded spot to soak. A marble tub deck adds to the bath's elegance. image Getting dressed in this luxurious dressing room would be such a treat. Barry Dixon (love him) uses a round rug and an over scale round tufted ottoman to create a sense of unending space. Traditional Home 

Leading the way to the outdoors. 
imageLiz Williams on the porch the lantern with the beautiful architectural detailing is a perfect match. I am beginning to think Liz Williams loves lanterns as much as I do.  :)

image  Atelier AM     Andrew Law's creativity shines on this terrace at the fabulous DC Design House (the house in Chevy Chase, MD is a must see, benefiting Children’s National Medical Center, through May 9, 2010).  Refined and sophisticated space with it’s classic architecture  is an outdoor living room worthy of this historic home.   Do not to forget to look up at the fabulous glazed ceiling by Billet Collins Studio.  For the details/funny story on how it was transformed head over to the blog to read the story. Photo via My Notting Hill 

image I just had to include this fun happy lantern from Urban Electric Co..  Available in all Benjamin Moore paint colors, but in this turquoise it sings and contrast perfectly with the red shutters.

Time to get to work:
image  No blog is complete without a little inspiration from the very talented Brooke Giannetti from Velvet & Linen.  When Brooke was in the process of moving her home office she was looking for an attractive lantern that would suite the space well but not break the bank…..I think she found the perfect one from Wisteria .   

image image 
The same lantern shown in other applications from Wisteria's website.

A few fabulous lanterns: 
 image    image    image
     1st: David Iatesta      Middle:Tara Shaw Maison Italian Mirrored Lantern      Right: Kate Lantern Circa Lighting

Lanterns can brighten up any space.  What do you think?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Generous giveaway

Exterior of the Waterworks 8,000 square foot flagship store in New York City. (above) Photos Waterworks Coco Cozy has a very generous great exciting you are definitely going to want to enter giveaway. Please visit her blog by Tuesday April 13th to place your comment to have a chance to win a warm cozy snuggly bath robe from the fabulous store Waterworks! Good luck!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bookcases & Built Ins….back drop & display

Whether a bookcase, a hutch, a cabinet, or a built in, being creative with the interior is a great way to add a little pizzazz to the space and to the objects which one wishes to display.  Sometimes we might think of something simple, maybe even a tad bland in wood tones, but here are some great examples to show how using either a contrast color, a texture or a reflective surface can add life to the space to showcase precious objects or beloved books.

Complimentary colors working perfectly together.
 image Martha Stewart Living 

Source Unknown …..anyone know?

Shades of the sea, whether a blue, grey, turquoise, or emerald, anything reminiscent of the sea, all of these colors work well.  They can be contrasted with color, or a monochromatic fashion,  paired with shades of white or even wood tones. image Elizabeth Martin via Elle Decor

image Steven Gambrel

Source forgotten (I inserted images awhile ago, and can’t believe I forgot the source) if anyone knows, please let me know.

image House Beautiful as seen over at the super fabulous blog, Simplified Bee

imageSouthern Accents   image











Amy D. Morris



Green….vibrant, punchy, soothing, or a relaxing green, either way, they work well in creating the ideal setting.  image John Willey

The strong contrast of the lime with the white along with the black matted framed intaglios make this arrangement sing with a burst of color making it one very happy place to be. tobi farley bookcase green background Tobi Fairely

Shells, books and vintage sailor's shell art which are set off beautifully in creamy white and a soft pale green. image Super talented Brooke Giannetti (Velvet & Linen)

Colorful & Cheerful
image Photographer Michael Partenio

Neutrals….and a dark contrast….everything always looks good in black and/or a rich brown (in my opinion :)). imagePhotographer Michael Partenio   image Mary MacDonald

Reflective surfaces……mirrors & shimmering surfaces.  Mirrors are a great way to reflect more light into the room and visually expand the space. image Grant Gibson  
image Steven Gambrel




Even in small cabinets such as this one, with a silver leaf it adds a lot of sparkle.  Martha Stewart






Bold & Beautiful

Grass cloth paper on the walls paired with black and reds on the built ins and throughout the room add warmth. image Brooke Giannetti @ Velvet & Linen

image Molly Luetkemeyer of M. Design

imageCouldn’t you just imagine this stunning faux finish treatment by the talents of Billet Collins complimenting some beautiful china or favorite pieces?

So remember to…….. Cover Your Cases. 
Papered: a good rule of thumb is to use small repetitive prints and paisleys.  
Painted: shelves should be a deeper shade to suggest shadow and depth.

If you need assistance in figuring out what would be the best backdrop in your space for your favorite treasures, consider hiring a professional to find that perfect combination.